Leash Walking Seminar

Group Leash Walking Seminar Information

Walking seminars cover basic skills like consistent rules and expectations for on leash times. An introduction to loose leash walking for beginners (or not-so-beginners with "habits"). An introduction to loose leash heel for more advanced walkers. As well as some basic guidelines to managing common situations which arise when out and about and an introduction to several safe and effective walking aids. Classes last an hour and cost $5 per dog (Dog Walk members' regular price is $3 per dog).

What is being taught?

These seminars cover loose leash walking and heel. Loose leash walking means that your dog walks with you, without pulling, but is not necessarily at your side in a heel. This allows your dog the freedom to investigate and enjoy the environment without dislocating your shoulder. Heel means that your dog walks directly at your side, with their ear even with the seam of your pants, and with NO tension in the leash. This is the appropriate way to walk your dog in busy, dangerous, or distracting situations.

How is the training done?

All the methods used are positive reinforcement based, scientifically, valid, force-free, and the result of years of experience with a couple thousand dogs. So you can be confident that you are receiving safe, quality, and effective instruction in how to enjoy your time with your four legged buddy! Also about a quarter of the members are former students of Rob's, so if you would like references just ask a friend!

What do you need to bring?

For the seminar you will need: a leash (no retractables please, and 6 feet long), a harness/ head collar/ flat collar (no need for choke chains or prong/ martingale collars), and something your dog likes (treats, ball,etc.). If you don't have a 6 foot fixed leash there will be a couple extras. Also a couple no pull harnesses/ head collars if you haven't tried them out before.

Who can come?

If your dog is up to date on their shots, at least 16 weeks old, and not dog/human aggressive. When it comes to aggression just use common sense. These seminars do not require your dog to interact closely with other dogs or people but they will be around. If a dog becomes dangerous or too disruptive (that's got to be pretty darn disruptive too) then they will need to move off or leave the seminar.

Aggressive dogs?

If you feel your dog is too aggressive for a casual group seminar or you don't feel you can physically control your dog in that environment, you are welcome to contact Rob by email or phone through the 'Contact Us' link on the left to set up a consultation.