Training Services

At Seigfreid Academy we strive to offer a solution to fit every situation.

Group Classes

We offer group training classes periodically at a variety of experience levels. Feel free to enquire anytime regarding our current or upcoming classes! 

All our group classes are structured on a week by week basis. That means it's important to be able to come to each week of class because it will build on the week before. Don't worry though, if you do miss a class we're always happy to work with you to make up the missed class time for free! (within reason, of course) Also, all our classes come with professionally developed homework handouts and practice charts so that you can get the most of your training experience!

Our class offerings include tailor made classes for puppies, first time adults, experienced canines, as well as advanced prep for distinctions like the AKC's Canine Good Citizen.

Done it all already? Enquire today about our continuing education courses for dogs who have mastered obedience training but still want a place to work in a structured environment with expert supervision.

Puppy Class-

    For dogs 5 months and younger, our puppy classes are designed to give your new family member the right start!

    Puppy class focuses on providing foundational behaviors such as potty training and leash manners while also providing a framework for learning cues. Using simple behaviours such as sit and down in an easy to understand systematized fashion, we help you lay the foundation for teaching a wide variety of new and more complex behaviors in the future. Class cost $100.00 per dog, unlimited humans!

    Topics covered in class; sit, down, stay, come, leave it, take it, wait, leash manners, car manners, potty training, greetings both on and off leash, and more!

    Classes last 6 weeks and meet once a week at the same time and on the same day each week.

Level 1-

    Level 1 is the introduction to training for dogs with little or no previous training who are over than 5 months old.

    In Level 1 we not only focus on building beneficial behaviors but on undoing bad habits which may have already formed while providing a structure for future learning which is both fun and effective for both you and your dog. In addition to teaching the behaviours for success that you and your dog need to be happy together,Level 1 also focus on the Juvenile behaviour stage (the 'teenage' period) as well as starting training for adult dogs. We even cover potty training for those dogs who need it! Class cost $100.00 per dog, unlimited humans!

     Topics covered in class; sit, down, stay, come, leave it, take it, wait, leash manners, car manners, greetings both on and off leash, and more!

    Classes last 6 weeks and meet once a week at the same time and on the same day each week.

Level 2-

    Level 2 class is for dogs who have completed either puppy or Level 1 class and want to further develop their skills and self-control.

Level 2 is where we take what you learned in your first class to the next level where you and your dog can realize your full potential. Skills like loose leash walking are refined into heel. New fun behaviours like bed and High Five are introduced. You learn useful and challenging games like Find It. We do more targeted work on being handled and working with distractions and preparation begins for AKC Canine Good Citizen. Class cost $100.00 per dog, unlimited humans!

Topics covered in class; Heel, High Five, Stand, Bed, Find it, Go To, Dead, Supervised Separation, and much more!

Classes last 6 weeks and meet once a week at the same time and on the same day each week.

Build-Your-Own Curriculum-

    BYOC is a fun way to continue your training even after  your group classes are done. With BYOC you and your fellow classmates submit a list of behaviours you would like to learn over the course of a 6 week training program and we custom design the class to meet your needs. Classes include homework just like the regular group classes and cost $100.00 per dog, with as always unlimited humans!

Topics covered in class; whatever you and your friends decide!

Classes last 6 weeks and meet once a week at the same time and on the same day each week.

Private Training

Here at Seigfreid Academy we offer very flexible solutions to your individualized training needs. Most commonly we offer in home training sessions both as packages as well as a la carte session. Plus if your training issues do not involve your home we can happily meet you anywhere in the Indy metro area to address your companions training needs, at no extra cost! Also, if you prefer, you are welcome to schedule your session at our Fishers location for an in office visit.


    Consultations, whether in your home or at our offices are a flat $15 and last approximately an hour (depending on what needs evaluating). In the event of your situation requiring more than 1 session of private training the cost of the consultation will be applied to the second session of private training.

Private Training-

    Private one-on-one training can be done in either your home, a public place where the issue in question occurs, or at our partner location in Fishers. Customized private training is $59 per hour and you control the cost. Most behaviors require no more than 1 hour to address. This training is intended for addressing problem behaviors. If you would like to do a more generalized training regime in your home, please contact us to discuss appropriate class structure and cost.

Other Offerings

We are also now proud to present our custom designed Board N' Train curriculum available at our Fishers, IN location, Puptown!

Along with Board N' Train we are happy to work with you and/or your group on any of your training needs. Just give us a call and find out today how we can help you!

Board N' Train-

    As part of our partnership with Puptown Indy Inc. we also offer a selection of training options for when you are away. Offerings are flexible and can be tailored to your specific dog's needs. These can be done as part of a long-term board or as day-stay enhancements. Our usual selection of behaviors include; Sit, Down, Leave it, Take it, Drop it, Stand, Dead, Wait, and Bed. Prices vary based on duration of stay and options chosen. Please contact for more details.

Walking Seminars-

    As a perk for members of the Indianapolis Downtown Dog Walk we are currently offering FREE walking seminars before most of their events!

Walking seminars cover basic skills like consistent rules and expectations for on leash times. An introduction to loose leash walking for beginners (or not-so-beginners with "habits"). An introduction to loose leash heel for more advanced walkers. As well as some basic guidlines to managing common situations which arise when out and about and an introduction to several safe and effective walking aids. Classes last an hour and cost $5 per dog (Dog Walk members regular price is $3 per dog).