Welcome to the brand new site for Seigfreid Academy by Rob and Seigfreid Hansen!

We're proud to provide the highest quality force-free effective training for both people and dogs.

Our Philosophy:

Our exclusively force free positive reinforcement based training covers a wide range of doggy disciplines. Our philosophy on training is to work toward communication and understanding, that way when things come up you haven't trained for you and your companion are ready for whatever life throws at you.

Our Promise:

We will only use force-free positive reinforcement when training you and your companion. Our goal is to create an enjoyable and productive relationship between you and your furry family members and positive reinforcement is by far the most effective and reliable way to get this accomplished. To that end, Seigfreid and I (Rob) offer you this promise; we will not at anytime use fear, pain, or intimidation to train your dog. That's a money back GUARANTEE. Whether you are there in class, we are in your home, or your dog is participating in a Board N' Train program our methods do not change. 

Designed by dogs and human approved, our classes are fun for the whole family!

Seigfreid and I have been together for 14 years and in that time he's taught me a great deal about cross-species communication.

Which, let's face it, cross-species communication is what we are really talking about when we say "dog training". What that means is that both parties have to learn to communicate in a language not their own. While you may need to learn to speak more with your body in order for your dog to understand what you want, your dog also has to learn to listen with their ears instead of their eyes (or nose). This naturally results in some discomfort at first, but good news, this is where we come in! There is a place where human communication and canine communication overlap, and that's where we begin. Just like learning to swim, initially you start out in the shallow end and then as you get more comfortable you can move out into deeper water. You and your dog are both starting at "the shallow end" but on different sides, and while it's initially your coming together in that shallow end that makes communication possible, it's the deep water where the real magic happens.

A little about us.

Seigfreid Hansen:

Seigfreid is a 14 year old Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle dog mix who was rescued from a rather unfortunate situation when he was about 3 months old. He doesn't compete in any doggy sports, he doesn't 'do' dog shows and he's not a working dog (at least not at herding). What he does is co-teach classes performing demonstrations, co-host the Indianapolis Downtown Dog Walk weekly meetup (more on that in a bit), and put on performances for various dog events and school groups. Oh, and he also likes to play ball, go for long walks (beach optional), and sleep right in that place by Rob's feet where he can't possibly stand up without him knowing about it.

Rob Hansen:

Rob is an accomplished dog trainer with over a decade of experience working with dogs of all kinds. He has worked on both the regional and national levels helping to design and implement core curriculum for PetSmart Inc® as well as training new trainers and developing the existing staff. He has also volunteered his time and services to many local animal welfare groups in order to provide training as well as just a helping hand. Also he has extensive in class teaching hours under his belt having  taught thousands of classes on the south side of Indianapolis alone. Currently he enjoys organizing the Indianapolis Downtown Dog walk, Indy's largest dog meetup group; as well as raising his eighth child (the first bipedal one); and helping families like yours to have happier more successful relationships with their companions.

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